The Gotcha platform is currently built for iPhone, Android and Blackberry handsets and is evolving
on a constant basis with flexibility to integrate 
new technology.

Deeply rooted in the user experience, Gotcha gives people engaging and meaningful reasons to get involved with your brand. The unique mobile executions possible via the Gotcha platform will increase reach, improve your ROI and bring your brand to life.
Gotcha is the next generation for sales promotions. It is the only integrated platform delivering mobile promotions which engage around a proposition, drive traffic, direct consumers to act and delivers rewards. Uptake and redemption is tracked precisely and in real time.
In a cluttered environment a Gotcha execution allows brands
to build relationships with consumers as their needs and behaviour patterns evolve around the mobile lifestyle. Gotcha's user-centric approach creates strong experiences which can convert your target audience from consumers into active brand loyalists.
Users preferences are shifting to mobile activations but brand spend is lagging behind.
It's time brands caught up by including further mobile marketing in the mix.
Using the Gotcha platform Snepo developed a huge, virtual
car chase for Sydney radio station 2DayFM. With more than 24,000 participants the promotion integrated a GPS-based mobile app, radio, web and social media to deliver a groundbreaking experience.
A GPS-based virtual treasure hunt developed by Snepo for Stockland used the Gotcha platform to engage participants
and drive store visitation. The promotion was monitored
and updated daily in response to demand and uptake.
After captivating users in Australia Gotcha has gone global with Gotcha!SA. In a technology first for South Africa, Snepo worked with mobile giant Vodacom and broadcasting house Primedia to deliver an integrated virtual and social media competition based on the Gotcha platform.
Game platform currently built for iPhone (3G+) and Android handsets. We are considering how to migrate to BlackBerry and Windows Mobile devices as well as integrate new technology from iPhone 4S.
Social Integration
Game platform is integrated with Facebook and Twitter. Game updates can be automatically shared to client's social media platforms to help drive engagement. We are also developing functionality to allow game players to share updates on the game.
Completely scaleable cloud-based hosting for game database. 24/7 365 real-time live monitoring, support for up to 100,000 simultaneous users but can scale up.
· Built in registration and login system
· SMS pin for added security
· Temporary and permanent
  participant bans.
· Flexible promotion rules
· Can accommodate multiple prizes
  and variable promotion lengths
· Auto start and end
· Hourly, daily or major prize
· Game of skill promotions
  at the press of a button.
Flexible terms and conditions allow
changes after launch
Push Notification
· Push notifications for participants
· GPS, location-based messaging
· Keeps engagement levels at 
   a maximum.
Flexible messaging with changes
possible post launch
Secure administration website which allows
marketing team to see and control:

· Live map of all players
· Daily statistics
· Cheat detection - kick/ban players
· Server performance monitoring
· Pause play