Virgin Mobile


Perfect match

The Virgin brand is all about challenging the status quo and investing in the customer experience. That’s why the point-of-sale solution for Virgin Mobile’s redesigned retail stores had to push the boundaries of innovation and engage customers like never before.

Our own healthy disrespect for doing things the way they’ve always been done made Snepo the ideal development partner. Working with Virgin and their agency Publicis Digital, we built a slick, easy to use touchscreen interface and a best in class CMS that allows Virgin Mobile to update over 500 screens across 65 stores at the touch of a button.

POS software: want to touch?
Using Flash animation and touch technology we created an interactive way for customers to browse and compare handsets and plans. Smooth transitions and 3d effects improve usability and lend a high tech feel. Developed rapidly and cost effectively, the software is simple, stylish and stable with still no crashes reported.

Bespoke CMS: wham, bam, update
Just because the CMS isn’t customer-facing is no reason to cut corners. With our usual attention to detail we built a CMS that is so easy users don’t even notice they’re managing 500+ screens. Key to the system is mandatory testing of content on a local PC and staging touch screens before deployment. The result – a robust solution that works so well we’ve never yet been called upon to make a fix.