Poly (Australia) Real Estate Development

Poly Centre Display Suite Leasing Tool

Poly Centre Display Suite Leasing Tool

Rethinking sales and leasing tools through the lens of interactive design. 

The brief: To transform Poly’s sales force performance by developing a custom digital leasing tool that is intuitive to use, effectively communicates and delivers personalised and relevant content at specific moments in the display suite journey.

Background: Digital is completely reshaping customer engagement. It's also redefining sales organisations as they strive to fuel company growth by delivering engaging experiences, whenever and wherever the customer needs it, with a seamless omni-channel experience.

What we delivered: Snepo and our creative partners, DisplaySuite, provided an interactive commercial leasing tool designed to optimise the display suite journey with curated and customised visual content.

We know that every property agent sells differently. Characteristics of our native iOS iPad app includes an easy-to-use, easy-to-access user interface; an ability to customise presentations to individual tenant needs; and a seamless ability to move across channels to progress toward signing a lease agreement.

User-centric design that enhances the selling experience

  • floorplans and fitouts can be tailored directly to potential tenant needs

  • allows sales agent to be agile and create an on-demand experience for prospects  

  • iPad remote drives content on large-scale LCD screen displays  

  • Agents can present varied content including videos, CGIs, stats, and interactive floor plans, creating and saving presentation flows on the go

The commercial real estate industry is ripe for digital adoption, if you’re curious about creating custom interactive sales experiences for your clients or leasing agents drop us an email.