Royal Adelaide Hospital

Wayfinding Kiosks

SA Health

- 15 wayfinding touchscreen kiosks
- Custom Software by Snepo
- Hardware by Design to Production
- Remotely installed and commissioned
- Ongoing support and monitoring

A way finding kiosk that scans barcodes to show patients where their appointment is located. Using custom maps and shortest pathways onscreen, the user is then able to print out directions.  

Hospitals are large, often confusing, buildings with many different pathways to clinics, departments and facilities. We worked with ServicePoint, ID Lab and the client to develop an intuitive, simple to use digital way finder. This version allows for multi-language, accessibility with high contrast and height adjust as well as a number of modes including evacuation. A custom CMS allows for additional synonyms to be added and pathways to be easily changed. For example if a lift is out of service or part closure of the hospital. 

Snepo has been developing digital way finding products for over 10 years and continues to improve with new modules being added with every project.