Underbelly Arts Festival

Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Experience

A virtual reality immersive art installation

The Becalmed Heart was a large-scale installation by artists Brianna Mannish, Robert Jordan and Clare McCracken, presented at Underbelly Arts Festival in 2015.

Created from over 20,000 plastic grocery bags, The Becalmed Heart is an immersive installation that invites audiences to enter a world created from refuse.  Inspired by images of vast plastic islands floating across the surface of the ocean, the work is a meditation upon our waste and the impact of human intervention on nature.

Snepo collaborated with the artists on The Becalmed Heart for Oculus Rift - a  virtual reality companion piece that accompanied the main installation work at Underbelly Festival on Cockatoo Island. Working on a brief and a concept delivered by the artists, Snepo designed and created the VR environment, which was deployed on Oculus and presented at the Festival, directly adjacent to the main installation.

The VR experience allowed users to float through the ocean, eventually emerging through the surface and finding yourself in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. We were delighted to be able to help the artists take their first step towards exploring immersive environments in virtual as well as physical spaces.

'The Becalmed Heart' - artist website