DEXUS Property Group

Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Experience

A real game changer for the architectural and property space

At Snepo Research we spend 30% of our time dedicated to research. We work on the leading edge, testing out the latest gadgets and hardware developments so we’re able to provide our clients with world-first technology breakthroughs and ways to position themselves as innovative market leaders. When the Oculus Rift development kit was first released we immediately started building our own custom 3D engine.

Virtual Reality is not new but due to advances in small screen technology its now available to the masses. Military grade VR goggles are now affordable and with smooth head tracking and the ability to zoom in and out the creative possibilities are endless. As well as fully immersive virtual worlds that can be developed for tourism, advertising, experiential and pop up events, gaming and product visualisations, automotive simulations, just to name a few. Snepo saw the potential to create a sales tool for property groups.

Working collaboratively with DEXUS Property Group we identified three properties, 45 Clarence Street, Grosvenor Place and Gateway. Each building had a number of levels for commercial lease. The benefit of building an Oculus Virtual Reality Experience to augment the sales process is that potential tenants can visit the property offsite. The design by Virtual Ideas highlighted the features of each building with expansive views and aspirational fitouts. Without the restrictions of a physical build, these fitouts can be tailored to potential tenants, showing trading floors or ABW or legal layouts.

Snepo and DEXUS are leading the way in property marketing by transporting viewers to a virtual 3D world. Users can walk anywhere within the space, take a tour between multiple levels and experience a sense of place before it’s even built. We see this as a real game changer for the architectural and property space.