Museum Of Contemporary Art Australia

Touchscreen - Virtual 3D Object Browser

Hands-on with renowned artist Grayson Perry

In early 2016, the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia presented the first major survey exhibition in the Southern hemisphere by internationally renowned artist and Turner Prize recipient, Grayson Perry, as part of the Sydney International Art Series.

Snepo was commissioned to deliver touch-screen interactives as a signature education component of a content-rich resource room, designed to bring visitors closer to the work of Grayson Perry.

Our hands-on interactive focused on a virtual 3D Object browser that featured many of Perry's renowned ceramic pots, giving visitors the opportunity to choose from a selection of ceramics, rotate the objects through 360 degrees, pinch and zoom for greater detail, and touch highlighted areas for points of interest and additional content.

Our challenge was further compounded by the nature of the source material. No 3D mapping had been made of the objects, rather Perry's images were delivered to Snepo as a series of flat stills, from which we stitched together our unique 3D representations.

Complementing our interactive work, visitors could also hear Grayson Perry talking about some of his works in detail and hear MCA Chief Curator, Rachel Kent, talking about the exhibition in the Snepo-developed MCA mobile app for iOS and Android.