Feel what the player feels

Building on the haptic prototyping for Fundawear, Snepo Research worked as the development partner for Wearable Experiments, to create a new type of sports experience for Australian Rules footy fans. The invention looks like a standard player jersey, but when it’s worn it quantifies the sensation of the game, so fans can feel some of what players are experiencing on the field.

The built-in technology takes data feeds, such as real-time score and tackle data, and transmits them to a Snepo-built companion app. Anyone who has the Alert Shirt app downloaded will receive the data instantly on their mobile, which is then translated to the shirt. The Alert Shirt uses LE Bluetooth and touch sensors to connect with the mobile app and react to the real-time data. For example, if a player gets tackled during a game, the fan might feel a rumble in his or her jersey — kind of like a Wii remote might shake while you're playing a video game.

“We’ve created a product that allows Foxtel to engage people via television in entirely new ways. By embracing this new technology, Foxtel is setting itself apart from all other cable TV companies,” said Ben Moir, Founder of Snepo and Co-founder and Technical Director, Wearable Experiments.

Foxtel’s creative agency, CHE Proximity launched the Alert Shirt campaign for Fox Footy customers to get them closer to the action than ever before.

Alert Shirt has been awarded the top gong at the 2014 Clio Sports Awards.
Clio Sports 2014 - Grand Prize
Clio Awards 2014 - Bronze
Spikes Asia 2014 - Promo & Activation: Silver
Spikes Asia 2014 - Direct: Bronze