Savvy shopping

Snepo has an extended history working with Startups. We have experience launching our own marketable products, so can provide sage advice on the road to commercialisation. From the beginning the Alphatise App was an exciting proposition. Basically it empowers consumers by providing a social commerce platform for users to select product prices and wish for store discounts, with the ability to share with friends.

Snepo was approached by startup co-founders, Richard Frey, Paul Pearson and Ben Nowlan, to develop the iOS mobile app, with Android to come. The app has a strong social angle, with people having the option to sign in via Facebook or sign up through a separate process. Users can follow each other and see their brand preferences, but also have the option of using pseudonyms or making wishes privately. The likelihood indicator wheel guides the user on the probability of getting a wish granted.

In week one, Alphatise sky rocketed into the top ten mobile apps in the Lifestyle Category and was selected as App of the Week, The Daily Mark.