Re-defining live sport

For the 2013 State of Origin football contest between NSW and Queensland TAB launched an online game introducing Blocker the Psychic Roach. In the spirit of famous animal oracle, Paul the Octopus, used to predict the results of German football matches in the World Cup finals, Blocker the Roach is responsible for live predictions on a new scale.

A mini stadium over 2 meters in length was set up with 18 HD cameras controlled via custom software developed by Snepo. Features include, tracking live action, switching cameras angles to document the cockroach’s prediction, dashboard overlays and audio, pre-rolls and post-rolls with live streaming and upload to YouTube.

The game requires players to sign up online and then Blocker gives a live prediction about which player will kick the first goal based on its position after 20 seconds. The prediction is then emailed to the players to be replayed and forwarded to friends.   

It’s a novel way to excite a sporting community, encourage competition and get people to watch the game. Snepo are known for our ability to solve difficult technical challenges. This one involved live cockroach tracking - a first for Snepo.

Interestingly, the same technology could be used for a real stadium or live sporting event. It has the potential to be scaled up for tracking people or cars and the fully automated edit suite is great for creating viral videos that stream live and upload to YouTube. Best of all our developers decided to place a bet with TAB based on blocker the roaches prediction, and WON!