The future of foreplay

Every now and then a project comes along that has Snepo's name written all over it. Fundawear for Durex is one of those projects. Snepo were approached with an idea that some might have thought impossible. But really it gave us the opportunity to do what we do best. That is: create something at the forefront of digital culture. Oh…and it could prove to be the future of foreplay which is pretty cool too! There is more information about Fundawear below, but don't just take our word for it.

Fundawear is currently being talked about all around the world!


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Long distance love
Fundawear launches Durexperiment, dedicated to developing products that inspire great sex. It is a unique concept that takes the idea of long distance love to the next level. To stay connected when they are apart all a couple needs to do is kit themselves out in Fundawear, download the special app and then connect digitally with their partner.

The app takes touch input from one person’s screen and sends these signals via the internet and a real-time server to the other person’s touch screen device. In just a split second the signal is sent to the Fundawear garment where the touch sensation is recreated on the skin using touch actuators.

A meeting of minds
At Snepo we believe that combining technology in creative and unexpected ways often leads to the best solutions. With Funderwear we have brought together touch technology, remote presence and underwear so that a human touch sensation can be transferred over the internet in a world-first.

After extensive creative brainstorming, research and experimentation Havas and Snepo put together a multi-disciplinary team which included circuit board manufacturers, programmers and garment-designer, Billie Whitehouse, from the Whitehouse School of Fashion.

Using an agile development process Snepo oversaw delivery of all aspects of the Fundawear project including:
· technical lead
· hardware prototypes for simulating touch
· iPhone app development
· server communication lager via Cloud
· arduino chip programming

The main technical challenge for the Durexperiment was to find the right type of device that could replicate the human touch as well as being wearable. Electroactive polymers or artificial muscles used in robotics seemed promising however they require high voltage which no-one would be prepared to put down their pants. So we came up with the idea of using actuators, often used in mobile phones to provide a vibrating feedback mechanism.

The resulting working prototype shows how much fun it is to interact with Fundawear.