Hands-on history

The AMAZE Gallery at The State Library of NSW is a new kind of library space. A place to explore the Library’s most beautiful and quirky items, a place to discover untold stories from Australia’s past and – thanks to Snepo – a place where visitors can touch history with their own hands.
Working to a strict deadline and tight budget we developed bespoke software for the Library’s multi-touch table. As a result members of the public can now interact with valuable and delicate paper artefacts and the Library is improving access to its collection in an engaging and creative way.

Keeping it real
Initially loaded with 20 historical books and 10 rare maps, the fully updateable software closely mimics how these items behave in the real world. Users can move artefacts around, pan and rotate them, flick through the pages of a book or flip over a map to see the other side. Plus zoom functionality means no reading glasses or magnifying glass are required.

Inclusive, accessible interface
With visitors ranging from school groups to international tourists plus all ages and demographics in between our interface had to be simple and highly intuitive. Clear graphics invite visitors to ‘touch the screen’ and tips help first time users learn the gestures needed to interact with artefacts in a truly multi-user and multi-touch environment.