Seeing the forest and the trees

Snepo’s work with The National Arboretum, Canberra, illustrates our understanding of the GLAM sector and our ability to meet the needs of visitors to major recreational, cultural and tourist destinations. The visitor app Snepo developed for the Arboretum combines GPS-based wayfinding and navigation with multimedia content delivery, Augmented Reality and social media to enhance visitors’ experience of the site.

Working collaboratively with Mental Media, Snepo developed custom multi-touch software for an interactive MultiTaction display in the Visitor Centre and a comprehensive app which guides visitors through the site, provides interpretation within the landscape, provides opportunity for interactivity and opens a channel  for direct and indirect feedback thereby establishing a two-way dialogue between the Arboretum and its visitors.

Once visitors have explored the available tours and site plan on the touch table and downloaded the iOS and Android compatible app at the Arboretum Visitor Centre their journey begins. Choosing either the master map or one of three themed walks, visitors are guided through an interactive experience where the content on their personal device is linked directly with the landmarks and features they see in the physical environment around them.

In addition to communication of important content about tree species, conservation and facilities, fun features of the app include interactive challenges, and options to shoot and upload photographs, comments and videos to the Arboretum website or users’ social media. As the Arboretum is still in the early stages of planting and forest growth, the app also allows users to access visualisations of what trees  might look like in the future and then place those trees in the landscape through augmented reality functionality.


Project Lead - Mental Media