Gotcha! SA

Take the money and run

Over four weeks in late 2012, Gotcha!SA captured the hearts, minds and smartphones of people across South Africa.  More than 65,000 downloaded the Gotcha!SA app and became part of a massive, multi-platform campaign backed by Vodacom SA and radio stations Highveld Stereo and KFM. 

Straight to the top Gotcha!SA exceeded everyone’s expectations. We achieved twice as many downloads as anticipated and hit number 1 in the app store during week one of the promotion.

Smart money
Central to the campaign was a huge, real world chase around Johannesburg and Capetown to grab a virtual ‘Smart Money’ wallet. Players used the GPS-based Gotcha!SA app to get within 100m of the virtual wallet and then grab it. Whoever held the Smart Money when a radio station called stop traded the virtual wallet for a share of the 700,000 rand cash prize pool.

Win, win, win
In addition to delivering wins for players, Gotcha!SA generated big benefits for promotion partners Vodacom and Primedia.

For Vodacom, the Gotcha!SA promotion:
· Reinforced its market leadership position
· Highlighted its products and services
· Opened up a 1:1 communication channel with consumers
· Drove store visitation through Vodacom store ‘safe zones’ within the game
· Generated positive PR and word-of-mouth
· Led to 7626 opt-ins for further information about Vodacom

For Primedia’s participating radio stations, Highveld Stereo and KFM, the Gotcha!SA promotion:
· Engaged technology-loving listeners
· Kept listeners tuned in for longer
· Generated compelling content