All 4 the dealer

With a motto like "All 4 The Driver" Subaru stakes its reputation on offering customers an extraordinary experience. Subaru’s cars feature some of the most advanced automotive technology around but its sales tools were old school – enter Snepo to bring them up to speed.

Working closely with Subaru for more than 12 months we created a comprehensive point-of-sale app for iPhone. At the touch of a screen dealers have instant access to all models, options, marketing material and inventory. But here’s the clever bit – by selecting ‘play on TV’ dealers can wirelessly share the app with customers on any screen in the dealership.

Features and specifications
· Always up-to-date via an easy to maintain CMS
· Instant access to current marketing and range information
· Wireless display of content on in-dealership screens
· Playlists and local saving
· News room
· Contact database
· How to use guide
· 168 content screens
· 103 dealerships across Australia

How is a Snepo app like a Subaru?
Just as Subaru does everything with the driver in mind, we did everything with the dealer in mind. Taking the time to understand their requirements and their sales process meant we delivered a tool that does its job. Oh, and of course, a Snepo app is fast, high performing, handles well and uses technology to deliver a superior experience.